We do not leave laxly

to your ideas until your visions are realised. We guarantee this by iterative processes and the illustration of the implementation by quick prototypes. By good software quality and by the use of Framework Design Guidelines and Design Patterns, we guarantee, according to your wishes to be able to deliver the software at a reasonable price.


We, the founders, Sven Holder and Matthias Hurrle have already worked together for many years in different software development projects as a team. We have both more than ten years of experience in the development of individual software. Since publication of the first version of the .NET Framework we have specialised in the .NET Framework and have realized the projects successfully and fast with it.

In our last employee's activity we were responsible as ''Senior Software Developer' and 'Senior Project Manager' for the whole project conversion.

Logically we have decided in autumn, 2009 to introduce our expert's assessment, our experienced skill and our accumulated experiences in our own enterprise and six month later, we founded IMaverick - Sven Holder & Matthias Hurrle GbR.


From beginning of our developing activity the subject Software-Quality and the costs linked with it occupied us. Our experience is that we deliver especially fast, high-quality software when we present a choice in executable prototypes as a preliminary study before the main development stage. With it we could always immediately demonstrate the customer's idea and could confirm the idea, help adapt or to reject even. The ideas which were prevented on account of our prototypes could save much superfluous expenditure and save unnecessary costs. From this experience our virtue became the basis of our business idea.

Every prototype is put on as an independent developing project, even if the project takes in general only few days. This encloses an entire Projekt-Tracking, own Source Code Repository, as well as automated Test Suits for the entire test coverage of the implemented functionality. Thus it is guaranteed that the prototype can be developed as a base of the product development or feature development.

The application of the most modern technology delivers big saving potential. Therefore, we use as a rule always the newest version of the .NET Framework and the tools and libraries building up on it for an efficient conversion, always aware of the future.

To lower the general costs and to use more efficiently the often only very short project periods, we place on modern communication technologies like online meetings and Desktop-Sharing. Thereby we avoid long journey times, overnight stays. By the development running in our house we save you additional structural costs, like desktop and other organizational expenditures (access rights, etc.). Results can be presented in an online conference and interactively be explained, with the additional use to be able to make available a recording of the details for a later study, immediately.

Our customers are extensively informed by full project transparency. Comparably to the pursuit of delivery with today's package services, you have any time comfortably online a transparent view on the development of your project - always up-to-date.


Quality-Oriented and Cost-Conscious

We reach our uppermost aim to develop slender software poor in maintenance by professional approaches and suitable software patterns. To every project you receive a source code repository, a configuration of a continuous integration server, as well as a test suite.

Qualification and Training for Project-Hand-Over

We transmit with pleasure our knowledge. Your developing team can profit from our experience by Pair-Programming, support by online meetings, as well as Code-Reviews.

Uncomplicated Contact and Project-Handling

You call us - we straightforward will start. By our prototypical development and agile approach, you are always clearly informed about the project status. You will profit from the permanent access to the status of your project, online. Experience us very closely. Look over our shoulders, online, in an online-development-session - any time.n.


IMaverick - Sven Holder & Matthias Hurrle GbR
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